Management Team

Israel Bar-David, D.Sc., Founder, Chief Scientist, is Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He is an eminent scholar and scientist in the field of communication theory and co-founded Paragon Communications in 1999. Throughout his career he has contributed greatly to the international communication theory community, publishing many treatises and articles, winning numerous prestigious awards recognizing his contributions to the communication field.

Eli Plotnik, D.Sc., CEO, co-founded Comsys in 1995 and served as its CEO until January 2003. Prior to Comsys, he was a senior staff member at the EE faculty in the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He also led projects and consulted in the areas of digital communication and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in the Israeli high-tech industry.

Zeev Cohen, M.Sc., Vice President of R&D, has over 13 years of experience in design, development and management of advanced VLSI devices including SOC and state of the art memories. In his last position in Infineon Technologies, Germany, Mr. Cohen headed the first design of Infineon`s twin flash product.

Amichai Sobol, B.Sc.EE, Vice President of Sales, past President and CEO of Arelnet - developer and manufacturer of VoIP hardware, software and systems (1999-2004). He co-founded TransSKY and served as its CEO, and has held senior positions at Motorola, Digital-Equipment-Corporation and Fibronics. Mr. Sobol also currently holds the position of VP Business Development in HyWire.


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