Paragon Communications is focused on developing unique technologies for wide-band wireless communications. It applies unique patented technologies to the development of and production of efficient RF (radio frequency) power amplifiers (PA) and communication systems for the wireless communication market.

Paragon’s unique core technology, the eXcess eNvelope eNhancement, XNN®, is a breakthrough technology that provides essential, dramatic improvement in efficiency and output power of Power Amplifiers.

The technology is applicable to all forms of wireless modulations and transmissions, which have high peak to average ratio, the most important being OFDM and CDMA and its immediate application derivatives of the technology is therefore to:

* PAs for WiMAX chipsets and base-stations
* PAs for WLAN chipsets
* PAs for cellular base stations
* PAs for OFDM & OFDMA

Paragon was founded in 2000 by Dr. Israel Bar-David, Avner Elia, Dr. Nino Levy and Orna Bar-David.


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